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Basic facts about me

My name is Samuel González Castillo. I am Spanish and, therefore, I have two surnames (González is not a middle name, it is part of my last name). This has sometimes been a source of confusion for non-Spaniards, so I usually join my two surnames with a hyphen when I am writing in English.

Currently, I am an undergraduate student at Universidad de Oviedo –– also known as "University of Oviedo" or "Uniovi" –– pursuing a double degree in Mathematics and Physics. I am also interested in other fields such as computer science or philosophy.

Contact details

If you want to get in touch with me, the best way to do it is sending me an email. My address is \(\text{samuel} @ \text{sgc}\cdot\text{ink}.\) My apologies for not writing it in plain text. We can all thank spambots for that.

Feel free to encrypt the emails you send me if you want to. You can click here to download my GPG public key.

About this website

The inner workings of this website are fairly simple. Apart from the "random song player" in the homepage, which is implemented in a PHP back-end, everything else runs on your computer, so you can have a look at the code yourself.

I wrote the CSS, HTML and Java Script from scratch and I built a naive static page generator using Perl: it handles templates and uses a third-party module to transform markdown files into the HTML posts.